Custom Frames and Photo Frames


The Beveled Edge prides itself on offering the largest selection of custom frame mouldings found anywhere in Middle Tennessee. With thousands of mouldings to choose from, at The Beveled Edge you can create a unique look for your favorite artwork, photos and mementos. Custom framing can be expensive, but not every print is a priceless piece of art. There are many moulding options available to suit your needs ranging from those with a "sky's the limit" bank account to a budget conscious choice. While we are experienced in framing your most-prized possessions, we also believe nothing is too simple or too small to custom frame. A well-framed piece can add warmth and personality to any decor regardless of the cost. We are dedicated to providing you with the latest moulding designs available from our more than 25 moulding vendors and update our shop corner samples multiple times each year. (TIP: A cost-effective way to add new flare to your artwork is to simply change the mat and update your framed piece. Artwork and photographs framed more than a decade ago may not have acid-free archival quality mats or conservation glass available today. This advanced technology allows you to preserve your collection for years to come.)

The Beveled Edge specializes in all types of custom framing including museum standard as well as canvas stretching and shadowboxing. With some creative forethought, your well-designed shadowbox can tell a fascinating story about you, the owner.  Shadowboxes designed with items from a special event or experience can become a treasured piece of art for a lifetime. (TIP: When possible, include a photo and mementos specific to the theme of your shadowbox to further develop its inspiration for everyone who views it.) 

There are many options when it comes to adding glass to your framed artwork. In recent years, UV protective qualities have been added to both glass and acrylic providing an archival element not available in the past. The Beveled Edge offers a range of options including regular glass, conservation glass, acrylic and museum glass. Also, we often create custom framed mirrors for many customers who have specific dimension requirements or simply want a unique custom frame that reflects their individual style. 

Custom framing can and should be a pleasant and fun experience. Stop by our showroom to see the latest new products available and let us help you preserve your memories in the perfect frame made uniquely for you.